Double Glazed Units

A double glazed sealed window comprises of two panes of glass. These two glasses are held apart by a 'spacer bar'. There is an air gap in between each glass which is sealed around the perimeter. Glass is a good conductor of heat. So, just a single glazed or single pane window will not insulate your house very well. The air gap between the two sheets in double glass units reduce the heat conduction between the panes. This helps keep more heat inside your house during winter and outside your house during summer.

The overall thickness of the sealed unit, therefore, includes the air gap plus the thickness of the two panes of glass. The air gap between the panes is generally between 8mm to 20mm thick.

Triple Glazing

Ballinasloe Glass Centre also supply and fit Triple Glazed Units. Triple glazing offers excellent insulating values and is also effective for sound-proofing.

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